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Octopotamus is a funk/jazz/soul group based in Boston, Massachusetts. The group was formed in Fall 2003 by Rob Mitzner and Michael V. Stanton based on a group they played in at Brown University called D. Licks and the Army of Funk. In the Fall of 2003, Octopotamus added Adam Douglass, Dmitry Ishenko, and Adam Roberts to the lineup. All of the new musicians carried extensive musical experience such as playing with well-known bands or studying at schools such as New England Conservatory and Berklee School of Music. Building on the former band which played only funk cover tunes, the new band has expanded its repertoire to include new covers as well as jazz, rock, and soul originals.

The band plays all over the Boston area including the Kirkland Cafe in Somerville, MA and Jeanie Johnston's in Jamaica Plain, MA. The band recently played the radio show "Funky Monkey" on 88.1 FM Boston. Check them out on "Funky Monkey" in the future as well as at their gigs around town.


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